Friday, November 27, 2009

Pah-REE! (you know you want to do the "laugh"!)

Well, not much to say right now, but we are in Paris, France. Landed in London, England, UK, yesterday about quarter to one PM on Wednesday (UK time), then took a subway train (London Underground) from London Heathrow to King's Cross/St. Pancras station, where we had a little time to relax and then catch the Eurostar train from St. Pancras International to Gar de Nord in Paris, France.

Mass transit is HEAVILY USED in London and Paris. It was SUPER CROWDED on the London trains, but it was really neat seeing how many took advantage of using the Mass Transit system.

Will have more for you later. We are staying in a hotel called Hotel F1 - a Stripped down hotel with virtually no amenities. But, hey, if you aren't staying in your room ALL THE TIME, what's the use in amenities? :)

Right now, it's 9:30am, making it about 1:30am in Tucson. Adding more info and PIX later. Going to the Musee d'Orsay today, and hopefully the Eiffel Tower.


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