Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So, we made it to LAX...

Well, we are currently sitting around in Los Angeles International Airport. Terminal 2. This is where many of the International Flights depart from. In the wing we're in, there is literally NOTHING here - just a couple little duty free stops, a currency exchange place, and 2 restaurants.
The biggest excitement we've had here is Ozzy Osbourne getting on an Air New Zealand flight to London at 4pm. :) We should begin our boarding in about half hour, so I'm gonna tuck this little laptop away and just wait away the time. :) Good thing I brought my book from the Convention along! :)

Oh, here's a tip for ya - If you EVER find yourself in Terminal 2 in LAX, connecting to the "Air France Lounge G" connection is free! No passwords, no nothin'! :)


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