Saturday, December 12, 2009

In Kampala, Uganda...

Well, Carmen is preparing a post... I'll just post some stuff about today. I know it's been a while - like a WEEK since I last posted, and a lot has happened since then! :) All's well, but man, have we had some fun! :)

Well, today we had our first exposure to the Deaf / Sign Language community. WOW! I was speechless... literally! The territory is HUGEMUNGOUS! The people here are humble and willing to talk to us, which is really neat. BUT, the part that was super hard for me was the part that I couldn't talk to anyone... Derek and Jennifer could sign to the deaf people, but those that weren't deaf mostly spoke Lugandan, a native Ugandan language. You all know how I LOVE to talk, so today was a killer for me! I felt helpless... DOH! :) But, it was good for me. The ministry is great here, though! :)

We went in the preaching work for a while today, and about noonish, we took a break at the Kingdom Hall here for lunch. THEN, the studies started showing up. I got to sit in with Derek on a study he just acquired THAT afternoon. I commented on the information, but Derek had to translate into sign. Carmen went on a Return Visit or two with Jennifer. Then, back to the Hall for meeting at 4pm. Today was the School and Service Meeting. They have the meeting for the deaf so early because of the dangerous traffic here, and the deaf are much more prone to have problems than those that aren't. It was amazing how the meeting was conducted. :)

Anyhow, the trip is going well. I hope you all are feeling great! :)

Love ya all! Oh, and if Joel Tuscher can ping me, I need him to give me a hand with something back home! :)



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  1. so glad you are having fun as well. the ministry sounds so neat. miss you tremendously knowing you are so faaarrrr away. see you soon!!
    xoxox love the girls and me.